Living and Working with Children focuses on the well-being of children in families and community settings. Students will study child behaviour and child development in the context of relationships with parents and others in the community, and will learn through research and by observing and interacting with children. This course prepares students for further study of children, familiarizes them with occupational opportunities related to working with children, and introduces them to skills used in researching and investigating children’s behaviour in response to others.

 Field Trip: Glen A Green -

 Resources:                                                      Exam Review 2014

Play Day Form
Brochure Template

Animoto Web Site

Unit One: Children Today

The first day: Course Profile, Opener sheet, Calendar, Toy Quiz,


Intro to Child Development, Personal Reflections of Childhood PPT, Genetics, Research Methods

Immunizations worksheet, Sid Video
Crossword Answers

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Kids say the darndest things

Family Vacation Rubric  Brochure

Unit 1 Summative Project

Unit Four - Working with Children & Social Challenges they face

Articles: Socialization,Becoming Human & Humane

Videos: Ryland,

Unit 2 - Child Growth and Development

Child Dev. , PreschoolersBabies&Sign., Detriments to Dev., Learning About Children
Famous People who were Adopted
Physical Activity Tips for children HERE
Kid-friendly snacks

Unit 3 -The Socialization of Children & Research and Inquiry skills

Workplace expectations:
Ministry Web Site,
Newsletter, Internet Safety Booklet, Tutorial Link

Universal Rights of Children PPT, Mock trial
Cultural Comparison, Article Sharing

Unit Culminating: Holiday Centre Planning
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 Course Culminating Assignment:

Birthday Party! 

Planning Sheet,Overview,

Unit Four: 

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a, Abuse and Neglect, c, d, 

a, b, c, d,

How Marketers Target Kids Article, B, C

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Find two articles that would be informative to someone who wants to work with young children. Explain why the information would be beneficial.
Parents Magazine - online
Canadian Parents web site