Welcome to HFA 4UC!!

This course focuses on the relationship between nutrition and health at different stages of life and on global issues related to food production. Students will investigate the role of nutrition in health and disease and assess strategies for promoting food security and environmental responsibility. Students will learn about healthy eating, expand their repertoire of food-preparation techniques, and refine their ability to use social science research and inquiry methods to investigate topics related to nutrition and health. 

Prerequisite: Any university, college, or university/college preparation course in social sciences and humanities, English, or Canadian and world studies 

Standish Email: shannen.standish@dsbn.org

Unit 1

Food Safety and Food Preparation

~15 Classes

Unit 2

Nutrition and Health

~30 Classes

Unit 3

Eating Patterns and Trends

~20 Classes

Unit 4

Local and Global Issues

~10 Classes

Culminating Activity

At the end of each unit, students will complete one sections of the Culminating Activity. AT the end of the semester, students will finish the work and get it ready to 'publish'.

~ 8 Classes

To differentiate between the U and C level courses:
*I have topics of study geared toward each destination.
*I use resources geared to each destination.
*Help students demonstrate their learning through differentiated products and assessments. There are layered evaluations that allows students to extend their understanding.

HOLIDAY BONUS: Start your class cookbooks!

Exam Review:

Terminology Sheet,

Kitchen Groups:

Group A :
Cooking team:
Cooking team: 

Group B : Gas Stove
Cooking team:
Cooking team:

Group C : 
Cooking team:

Group D : 
Cooking Team:
Cooking Team:

Group E :
Cooking Team:

Group F : Gas Stove
Cooking Team:
Absence Worksheets: #1,
Research Summative


*****IMPORTANT*****D2L Link - for submissions - Log into D2L, pick this class for this list, go to class resources, click on dropbox, choose the RIGHT assignment folder and submit. 

January Calendar







Organization Period

Food Production and Supply Handout


Dragon's Den Work Period - 10 minutes

Slideshow, Video, Poster Board Set Up

Cookbook Handout


Cycle of Poverty

Food Production Impact Statements Due!


Dragon's Den Work Period


Rotten (Netflix)- Episode 1 "Lawyers, Guns and Honey" - Video Review and Summary (10 Marks)

Why was there so much controversy with the honey? 

Why are bees so important? 

HFA4U - Study Hints: 
Cycle of Poverty
Food Security
Organs of Digestion
Macronutrient Digestion
Food Additives
Functional Foods
Diabetes - what,types
Energy Calculation using macronutrients
Factors affecting Digestion


INTRO Question: Why do you think allergies are on the rise?

Rotten (Netflix)- Episode 2 "The Peanut Problem" - Video Review and Summary (10 Marks)



Group Cookbook Due!

Trends in Society Gluten Free Worksheet - based on the two articles below.

Size : 2277.841 Kb 
Type : pdf

Size : 365.588 Kb 
Type : pdf


Achievement Day


Dragon's Den Reflections - Marked as part of your culminating. All your sheets must be submitted today. 


Discussion Questions - UniversityCollege

Work on Exam Review

Exam Review:

College Terms

University Terms

HFA4C - Study Hints 
Empty Calorie Vs Nutrient Dense
Organs of Digestion
Overview of Fat
Hunger, Malnutrition
Food Security
Macronutrients vs Micronutrients
Importance of nutrition and wellness
Cycle of Poverty



*Everyone's Culminating Sheets are due at the beginning of the period.  D2L content due as well. Treat this like an exam. Not here = 0. 

Period One - Gr. 9 Food Fair

Dragon's Den Presentations

1. Mouthwash
2. Cookie Dough
3. Web Site
4. Cyclone
5. Vitamin Bars
6. Ideas


Dragon's Den Presentations

1. O & C
2. VIP Quakes
3. Poutine Sticks
4. Magic Hats
5. Just Veggin'
6. Colleen


Last Minute Questions

26  Period One Exam










December Calendar








1. Work Period and Checkpoint for Culminating

Culminating Sheet #2

Bulletin Board for Christmas Traditions is due!!


Nutrition throughout the Lifespan:demonstrate an understanding of food- and nutrition-related issues at different stages in the lifespan 

Lifespan Nutrition - Ages and Stages

Lifespan Nutrition - Focus on Young Children

1. Lifespan Nutrition NOTE

2. Text: Nutrition for all ages, page 209 #1-15


Standish Away


Trends and Patterns in Food Nutrition - Pair and Share Work Booklet


Unit Culminating Handed Out -

C's - Nutrition Lifespan Awareness PSA

U's - Family Analysis

Unit 3

Trends and Patterns in Food and Nutrition:demonstrate an understanding of current Canadian trends and patterns in nutritional guidelines and in food production and consumption.


1. Course Culminating Sheet #3

2. Work on the projects (PSA and Family Diet Analysis) we looked at on Friday.


What's wrong with our Diets? Article Summary

What are your thoughts? Do you find any of these graphs particularly shocking?


Cafeteria Work Period

Task #1 - Group Article Analysis - Trends

Task #2 - Taste Test of Green Smoothie - Worksheet

Task #3 - Group Cafeteria Redesign


Work Period - Markbook Check


Smoothie Lab

Worksheet - due at the end of the period.

Resources - 1. Canada Daily Value Web Site

2. Eatracker

Unit Three Culminating:

For the culminating activity, your task is to analyze the nutrition and health needs of a fictional family by creating a meal plan that is effective in ensuring rich nutrient intake and that promotes good physical health, at various stages of the life cycle. Successful completion of this task will help to demonstrate your thorough understanding of the relationship between nutrition and health and how it changes throughout the lifespan.

Childhood Obesity Position Paper (U) or Google Slideshow (C) (due Dec. 13th in D2L)
Your Choice: Is childhood obesity child abuse OR Whose responsibility is the childhood obesity epidemic. You must have 3 arguments with 3 pieces of evidence to support and use at least 3 sources, APA format

-1 Page U's
-9 slides C's

18 Holiday Hat

U's - Meal Plan Due

C's - PSA Video or Slideshow

*Due in D2L folder

Creating a Holiday Cookie Lab Worksheet

19 Character Day

Lab cleanup lunch bonus

Work on Holiday Handout.

20 Ugly Sweater

Holiday Handout due!! Individual Submission - Can be written or typed as long as it is neat

Christmas Lab -B's

21 Christmas Sock

Christmas Lab - A's

Course Culminating Checkpoint - All 3 sheets should be completed. 

22 PJ Day

Holiday snack potluck & Holiday Kitchen Clean UP

Have a great holiday break! 


Adolescence Text Reading

U's - Summarize and use the meal plan to help with your culminating!

C's - Read/Highlight handout and complete the meal plan.

Work on your unit culminating!

Local and Global Foods: you will investigate one of the following topics: organic foods (e.g., fruits, vegetables, meats, etc.), free-range foods (e.g., meats, eggs), or wild-caught foods (i.e., fish).

In your investigation, you must discuss what the requirements are for a food to qualify as organic, free-range or wild, and how these requirements differ from the process of catching, raising, or growing 'normal' foods (i.e., foods that are not organic/free-range/wild). You must then discuss what the benefits are of organic/free-range/wild foods are, and whether they are worth the additional cost.

These are some questions your essay should answer:

  • What does it mean for a food to be called organic/free-range/wild-caught?
  • What are the special requirements for a food to qualify as organic/free-range/wild-caught?
  • What are the benefits of these special requirements?
  • Are organic/free-range/wild-caught foods in line with the sustainable food systems approach?
  • Where can you buy organic/free-range/wild-caught foods?
  • How much more expensive are organic/free-range/wild-caught foods? Are they worth the extra cost?

November 2017








Standish AWAY

1. Go Over Culminating Sheet #1.


Culminating Checkpoint

Soup Lab

Soup Blog - Comment with your favourite soup that you eat. 

Homework - Halloween Candy Comparison - Do a comparison of 5 Halloween Treats. Tape the wrappers to a blank sheet and include the calories and sugar content of each treat. 


1. Halloween Candy Comparison Due

Which of the candies was your "healthiest"? Why? 

2. Mystery Spice Comparison


1. Candy Comparison addition - Now find a healthy alternative for each of your Halloween candy.

2.  Fats note!


1. Take up in-class assignments and Fats sheet.

Alcohol Graphic

2. Hand out  - How nutrients become you.

Need two volunteers for grade 9 day. 

In-class Work:
Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing#1-4, #6, #7, #9, #11 (review tomorrow)

PLUS!! Pick one of the summary points at the top of the page and explain it. 


Fats Lab - Bring in 10 samples of food in baggies. Work in pairs to complete the Fats Lab

Finish: How Nutrients become you.



Work Period


D2L Quiz

U's - 30 questions

C's - 20 questions

Flat Bread Prep

U's - Research a digestive disorder. Find an article - and provide a summary, explain the causes, prevention and treatment. Extension - 2 Disorders

C's - Digestive System graphic in GoogleDraw. Label all the organs and describe what they do. 


B's - Flat Breads Lab - Fresh HERBS focus!

Work on putting start of your course culminating in Google Docs and Google Slides (Slide Carnival resource)!


A's - Flat Breads Lab - Fresh HERBS focus!

Work on putting start of your course culminating in Google Docs (Journal of what you do) and Google Slides (Slide Carnival resource)!

 Home Cooking Assignment #2 - 

All about the Presentation....

Themes: Mexican OR Italian, one baking & one cooking


Kitchen Cleanup & Catch Up time. 



Nutrients Study Guide Booklet

U's - Letter and Food Diary Assigned

C's - Food Diary and Explanation


Grade 8 Open House - Making the kitchen look awesome, fruit skewers and finishing cupcakes!! 


Vitamins and Minerals SuperHeros! Graphic Organizer Worksheet

A-Aaron H
B5- Danielle
B12- Meaghan &Avril
C- Jem & Sydney
Sodium- Erin & Stef
Potassium-Jill & Sydney

17 PD Day

Home Cooking Assignment

Complete this worksheet using the notes! Digestion Disease Handouts are different for College and University. Make sure you are doing the right one.


Water Soluble Vitamins
-Chart: Vitamin, Functions, Deficiency, Sources
-LIST: C, Thiamin, Riboflavin, Niacin, B5, B6, B7, Folate, B12!!


1. Stay on track speech. 

2. Handed out and went over culminating sheet #2. 

3. Watched 2 dragon's den next gen food pitches. 

4. Work time to get organized with your project for the next level. 



DUE U's - Letter and Food Diary

DUE C's - Food Diary and Explanation

6 Distinctive Food Guides from around the world - Link, Worksheet


Veggie Taco Recipe - Each Supervisor is to go through the recipe and assign jobs....Assessment Lab.


1. Fill in the study guide.


7 Reasons we can't turn down fast food - Article

Image result for canada's food guide

Booklet for Food Guide Comparison



Taco Boxes Assigned


Vegetarian Lab - B's

Unit Test Study Guide.

Vitamin/Mineral Superhero Due!!!


Cookies for Grade 8 Open House & Work on Review

Plant-based Diets Analysis:

Define and give a meal plan for each day.

a. Mediterranean Diet
b. Flexitarian Diet
c. The Ornish Diet
d. Vegetarian Diet
e. The Traditional Asian Diet
f. Vegan Diet
g. Eco-Atkins Diet
h. Engine 2 Diet
i. Macrobiotic Diet


Taco Boxes Due

Vegetarian Lab - A's


Vegetarian Lab - B's

Markbook Check

Digestion Booklet



Unit Test #2

U's - can use their study guide

C's - open book


Energy Balance


If no Nutrition Facts table is available for a recipe: • Create your own Nutrition Facts table (see tip box below), or • For a mixed dish, assess all the major ingredients. All major ingredients must be from the Healthiest (Sell Most) category for the final mixed dish to be a Healthiest (Sell Most) food choice. If at least one major ingredient is from the Healthy (Sell Less) category, the final mixed dish is a Healthy (Sell Less) food choice. A mixed dish must not contain any ingredients from the Not Permitted for Sale category. For an example of how to classify a food or beverage, see Appendix 12 – Categorizing Food and Beverages Without a Nutrition Facts Table. Create your own Nutrition Facts table Software programs are available that develop a Nutrition Facts table for a recipe based on the ingredients and amounts used. These programs work best if the ingredients used for analysis are not processed items. Dietitians of Canada have created a free software program that analyzes recipes to cross-reference with the School Food and Beverage Policy nutrition standards. To use the recipe analyzer, visit www.eatracker.ca


October 2017 Calendar








Bulletin Board #1 should be up!

1. Food is Fuel! What to eat for breakfast video. - The Doctors

2. Know what the big 3 MACRONUTRIENTS are!!! Take time to put a version of this infographic into your notes. 

Use Meal Garden to easily and effectively track and monitor how you eat: http://check.mealgarden.com/pinterestmacro/?src=PinterestMacro:


1. Watch the following video and write down the message Jamie Oliver is trying to make. Then list THREE supportive points. Jamie Oliver TED Talk.

2. Research Methods Powerpoint

3. Major Kitchen Appliances Chart

Find Description and uses for the following: Refrigerator, Freezer, Stove, Oven, Microwave Oven


Chopping/Dicing Veggies

Safety measures/materials list. 

*Don't forget College have their Home cooking Assignment this weekend!!

Rankin Run - only period 3 and 4


 PD Day

Cooking Terms:
batter, zest, jerk chicken, cajun, yuca, jalepeno, blackened, blue cheese, deep fry, smoked (ham), robust flavour, smothered, grits, stock, tarragon, andouille (sausage), okra, surf 'n turf, seared, bone marrow, poached, arugula

Article - Sports and Energy Drinks

College Home cooking this weekend!!




College Weekend Cooking is due!!

1. Unit Review sheets for the C's and the U's. 

2. Food Borne Illness Chart Note - NEED FOR UNIT TEST!


1. Find an awesome apple recipe that you can make with the ingredients and time available to you. 

2. Lab sheet handed out and jobs assigned.

Video - Apple peeling and chopping! Supervisor must watch before the apple dissection begins!!

*Don't forget the Lab sheet filled out by the supervisor!!

3. In Class Assignment - due at the end of the period.*****Article LINK



1. Study for unit test!!!!!

2. Organizing Notes for the Unit Test!!!

3. Catch up on any missed work please!!!


Unit Test - for both the U's and the C's. 

Blog Article Entry - University

Information for introducing kids to nutrition. Creating a blog graphic in canva.com

a. Vitamins - AR
b. Minerals - AJ
c. Fats - BOH
d. Carbohydrates - OR
e. Proteins - CF
f. Fibre
g. Sugar - EV
h. Nutritious Fun Snacks - TK
i. Water - AB
j. Understanding food labels - EB
k. Food Allergies - GC
l. Food Microbiology - AS
m. Kids Vitamin Supplements - TM
n. Picky Eaters - JR

Unit Two Overview 

Nutrients: demonstrate an understanding of nutrients and their connection to physical health

Food Guides: demonstrate an understanding of Canada’s Food Guide and its role in promoting physical health

Energy Balance: demonstrate an understanding of the physical processes involved in maintaining energy balance

Nutritional Status: demonstrate an understanding of their nutrient intake and of factors that affect the nutritional status of individuals and groups.


*Apple recipes due from each supervisor!! I need to know ingredients!!


U's Food Blog Article Worksheet

C's Chef Magazine Interview Article



Flay - T
Ramsey - C
Oliver - O
Fieri - K
Olsen - M
Ray - S
Stone - Co
Batali - E
Deen - S


Nutrition Notes

Culminating Worksheet #1 handed out.


A's - Apple Lab

Work on culminating Worksheet #1

Soup List


B's - Apple Lab

Work on culminating Worksheet #1

Soup List

College Interview and University Blog Article is due!


Bulletin Board #2 Should be up!

1. Write down all the food you ate from Friday night to Sunday night and highlight the Carbs.

2. Benefits of Dietary Fibre Mind Map...on slide show.

3. Revamping your diet plan. To add healthier choices of carbs and more fibre.

Markbook - Outstanding work MUST be submitted by Wednesday! (Away Thursday)

Soup Lab Sheet


1. Protein Note 

2. Write down the meatless sources and come up with an awesome lunch idea. Meatless protein sources. #vegan #meatfree:


Achievement Day - All assigned work up to this date is due. No new work will be assigned and it is a work period. 

Parent-Teacher interviews tomorrow!! Make sure everything is submitted!!


Parent-Teacher Interviews

Sign in at the office and complete the questions and hand them in to the office at the end of the period.

Image result for soup cartoon


Labs not ready to go...more than 1/2 the class did not hand in their in-class assignment.

*Make sure that culminating sheet #1 is done

Task for today: 

New In-class Work: 

How Nutrients become you: 

CYK - p. 56, 1-12

EF - p. 57, 1

Fantastic Infographic about Ketosis, Ketones, and How it all Works! | Ruled Me:


Soup Lab - A's

Nutrient Diagnostic Worksheet

Halloween Treat Comparison

U's - Article Link


Halloween Treat Comparison

Halloween Pot Luck Snack 






September 2017 Calendar






Weekend :)




Course Profile
About you sheet

"You are what you eat" - What does that mean?? Brainstorm with a partner for 10 mins.

Kahoot Activity
Cooking Groups


Finding your Kitchen group.

General Safety Guidelines Note

How to use a stove -
Gas Vs. Electric ... Kitchen Groups brainstorm steps and then discuss.

Difference between: baking vs. cooking

Handwashing Checklist - Homework. 

Title/organized numbered list. 

How to properly wash your hands - Article

 Image result for How to properly wash your hands


Hand washing List Homework Check

Lab Planning - What are we going to cook this year? 

Equipment Safety

**High School Lunch 2 week planner** - Due Tomorrow

Picture Day!


How much do you know about Food Safety?

Planner due!

Kid Kitchen Safety Poster – 10 marks – Awesome/Eye-catching Title (1), Top 5 Safety Tips(5), Design/Graphics(2) , Sources on back (1) - Can be hand drawn OR on a computer. Must be original!


The recommended number of Food Guide servings per day, vary from person to person. Find out what they are for you and your family:  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/basics-base/quantit-eng.php?utm_source=pinterest_hcdns&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Apr15_foodtracker_ENG&utm_campaign=social_media_14:


Whiteboard Activity: 

1/2 - Diff. between first/second/third degree burns

1/2 - 10 Knife safety tips for the classroom

Kid's Safety Poster DUE


1. Intro to Food Safety Brochure

- 5 Sources for brochure!!

What do you think?

2. Food timeline! Handout

3. Masterchef - Terms


1. Food Hygiene Quiz

2. Safety Summary Sheets

3. Lab lists

Safety QUIZ - You have to achieve a 75% or above to be allowed/trusted in the kitchen. 

Eggs /Pancake Lab


Early Release Day - Period One and Two

1. Finish Masterchef 

2. Exploratory Question: 

What is being done with hurricane-affected areas in relation to food stability/availability?

3. Work on Weekend Question!

U's Sheet

C's Sheet


U's: Is juice as bad for you as pop?

C's: Is diet pop bad for you?

Extension Questions DUE!!

Safety Brochure DUE

1. Brownie - Lab intro and grocery list - Worksheet

2. Food Handling and Problem text reading - Summarize in your notes on lined paper.


*Going over submissions of work .....if you have missing items, get them into me. 

1. Whiteboard Activity - Exploratory question from Friday.

2. Go over lab. 


A's First Lab - show me that you got this!

Brownies - Don't forget that you will be taking pictures of every lab that you complete.

Exploratory Lab: 3 Super Healthy Spices - Article

Explore Further - Page 42 in text. #1 & #2

Grade 9 Retreat - Standish Away

1. Complete this worksheet HERE

U's -The recipe for raising healthy kids.... Article for worksheet

C's - Junk Food May be Shrinking your Brain! - Article

2.  Masterchef -  Watch the episode and list terms/utensils.


B's First Lab - show me that you got this!


Mini-poster/Suggestion List is due!

Bulletin Board Group - Emily, Taran, Olivia, Amy

Theme "Nutrition" Up for next friday. 

 The recommended number of Food Guide servings per day, vary from person to person. Find out what they are for you and your family:  http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/fn-an/food-guide-aliment/basics-base/quantit-eng.php?utm_source=pinterest_hcdns&utm_medium=social&utm_content=Apr15_foodtracker_ENG&utm_campaign=social_media_14:


Communication Project DUE!!

Mini Poster - C's
List - U's

Breakfast brainstorming! - Eggs, Potatoes, Ham, Flour, Sugar, Milk, Peppers, Cheese, bread

Recipe's for Humans - PDF


HO - Bulletin Board Project

1. Importance of breakfast brainstorm list

2. Nutrition Slide Show INTRO

3. Grocery List for Breakfast Lab - eggs, veggies, baking supplies, berries, milk, little bit of cheese, bread

4. food_intro_pre-test.doc


Markbook Update for College

Video  & Response
Neatly on a piece of lined paper!

Title of Video:
What you think:

Rest of the class: 

Catch Up Period


B's - Breakfast Lab 

Breakfast Assignment

Why Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day
Importance of Breakfast for Students
What you Need to Know About Skipping Breakfast
The Many Benefits of Breakfast
Fact or Fiction:  Breakfast is the Most Important Meal of the Day


A's -  Breakfast Lab

Weekend Cooking Assignment #1 - Comfort Foods




September Assessments:

Introduction to Safe Food Handling:
Food Borne Illness Poster
Safety Rules for the Kitchen, Danger Zone Food Temp Chart   View
Be Food Safe Checklist
Safety Sheets: Find Hazards  Bacteria in the News
Cook this: Knives and Skills
Food Borne Illness Chart
Safe Food Handling Web Activity
Healthy Lunches Resource
Food Poisoning & Food Prep 101
Food Safety Tips Interactive Guide

City of Toronto Food Poisoning Chart

Power Point Notes:

Kitchen Equipment
Signs of Safety

In your Kitchen, B, C, D

Mastercher JR S#2, Jimmy Kimmel Natural Juice, c, d


What food matches your personality?, B, C, D, E

Unit One: Nutrition for Health and Well Being
Journal #1, b, c, d

Awesome Prezi on Nutrition HERE
Puzzlemaker Link

Brian Regan Food5 nutrients you need most, Teach every child about food,  
Masterchef Junior Episode 2, Episode 3, Episode 4,
What is fat?, b, c, d, 

Lab 1: Valentine Cookies
View Introduction to kitchen, restaurant roles and measuring technique. 
Lab 2: Stir Fry
View Peer Assessment 1: Kitchen Roles and Teamwork

Powerpoint Notes:
Fats, Carbs, Water, Protein,

Sugar-free Recipes, b, c, d, e, f,
Other things you might need:
CW #1, b, c, d,

Unit One Test Overview

Unit Two: Role of Nutrition

Absent Plan, food allergies note, Micronutrients Reading (answer all questions),Switching to a Vegan Diet: 12 things, Eating Trends Reading

PowerPoint Notes:
Lifecycle 1, Food Allergies, Food Myths Slideshow

Canada Food Guide Peer-Marked Sheet, Pinterest Regrowth Lab, Seed Lab, Fats Lab, e, f, 

Juice Taste Test, b, c, d

The Truth about Food - Episode One, Bizarre Foods - Philippines, Crash Course Digestive System, How Sugar Affects the Brain - Ted Talks, Oprah Winfrey and Staff-Vegan Diet, e

Canada Food Guide, b, c, d, e, f

Unit Three: Eating Patterns and Trends

Lifecycle Note, Eating and Health Conditions, Chronic Diseases Reading & Worksheet, d, e, f, g, 

Timmy's Comparison, Street Food - Cairo Questions, 

EDNOS, Street Food - Cairo, c, d, e, f, g,

Food Trend Bulletin Board Display, Lifecycle Cooking Blog,