Welcome to Careers!

Teacher - Mrs. Standish-Lewis
Extra help - Room 202 right after school

Overall Expectations HERE.

Course outline

Unit One:
Course Outline - Handout
About Me - Worksheet
DYK Video Ashton Kutcher Speech - HERE
Career Cruising assessment.doc
Dream Jobs and Success.doc
Letter to Cousin Assign.wpd
Colleges and Universities.pdf
Diplorama Reading

Job Gym assignment         JobGym.pdf

Time to take the Multiple intelligents test and worksheet Self Reflection Instructions Multiple Intelligence test
You will find a list of Career Areas for Multiple Intelligents are located here: Careers Areas for your Multiple Intelligence
Unit Two:

Personal Promotion Package: Resume, Cover Letter, References, Interview Practice.

Silly Job Interview: HERE
Culminating Activity:
Digital Poster for Term Project
 prepare : a promotional digital poster and an Oral Presentation with an interactive component.
Create an Education Plan using Career Cruising
                                               computer lab 4 days

Software: During Class time we will be using Publisher, students who do not have publisher can use a program that will enable them to produce a poster-sized project. (11`` x 17``)


Unit Three:

Letter from the Future HERE
Influences- PowerPoint note, Fill in the blanks/Questions
Right Brain/Left Brain- Activity in Class
Researching the trades webquest

Health and Safety Quiz. WSIB Activity - HERE

WHMIS Symbols.pdf

WHMIS Symbols Cue Cards.pdf

WHMIS Symbols Quiz.pdf

Employment Standards Act of Ontario.pdf

Employment Standards Act of Ontario Questions and Essay0.pdf
Rubric Reflective Essay.pdf

Lab  Health & Safety Lab - Worksheet
Dying to work Video - Question Sheet
Prevention of Work Injuries - Worksheet

Lab Transferable Skills - Worksheet

Rate your employability skills - Worksheet

Assess your current employability skills. For the career you chose in “Unit 2:  Looking to the Future”, do you have the necessary skills?  Which skills do you need to develop?

Communication Workshop - Powerpoint

Communication Skills - Worksheet